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White spot reduction

White spots can dull your bright smile and alter the aesthetics of it. With our white spot reduction treatment, we can help restore your smile and also make it brighter!

Teeth whitening

Our experts help brighten your teeth with our range of teeth whitening treatments. With our state of the art technology, we ensure your pearly whites find their lost colour back and shine white!

Pain management

It’s a known fact that dental troubles can cause unbearable pain. At Luminaire dentals, we are equipped to manage and relieve you of dental pain arising from cavities, soft tissue injury, gums, infections in the mouth and pain related to your TMJ.

Aesthetic restorations

We believe in preserving your teeth and we do so with the best aesthetic restorations. Composites, laminates, aesthetic crowns, inlays are few of our many aesthetic procedures we perform at Luminaire Dentals.

Oral hygiene practices

Our involvement in our patient’s oral health does not stop at treating their pain and discomfort. We strongly believe that ‘Prevention is better than cure’ and so, help our patients ace oral hygiene methods and practises to keep their oral cavity healthy.

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Root canal treatment

Root canal procedures are done when your decay reaches inside the tooth and causes pain. Our endodontists ensure the best quality root canal treatments with advanced technology and materials. We promise you a comfortable environment and best quality dental treatment for your decayed tooth.

Orthodontic treatment

Aesthetic treatments are incomplete without orthodontic correction of teeth. Leave behind the days when both your dentist and braces were causing you to get anxious. At Luminaire Dentals, we have the best orthodontic options including the invisible braces which allow you to get your smile corrected with minimum visibility.

Dental implantology

Did you know that the best and the most natural way to replace a missing tooth is by dental implants?
Dental implants are fixed substitutes for your missing teeth that mimic natural teeth in function and aesthetics. Our dental experts will help you decide on the best dental implants suited for you.

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